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Why Your Thread May Be Trashed

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Why Your Thread May Be Trashed

Post by Superman on Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:29 pm


This is the Trash Bin. The Trash Bin has four top uses:

1.To keep the forum clean and fresh.
2.To store evidence and old posts to refer to.
3.To allow new users to catch up on old posts, that they haven't been able to participate in.
4.To keep the forum drama-free & to help users follow rules.

Why your thread may be trashed:

1.It has no useful meaning or purpose.
2.It involves drama.
3.It doesn't follow a rule of the forum.

How It Works:

1.A Thread is trashed (moved to the trash bin), by a staff member. A user may also request for only their thread(s) to be trashed, if it is not needed anymore.
2.It stays in the trash bin until recycled, and is moved to the recycle bin. (that is when it is needed.)
-----Once a thread is recycled, it can be posted on once again, in the recycle bin. You can request to recycle your post, by asking a staff member. You can also create a poll in the chat forum to protest why your post should be recycled and renewed once again. A recycled thread once not needed will become an archived thread. An archived thread is a thread that was trashed, recycled, and not needed anymore.
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