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Important Updates

Post by Superman on Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:24 pm

December 16th, 2012

I have added and changed a few things around Teen Boards.

1. Forum Moving.

I have decided to move a few forums around so they are easier to locate for members and staff as well. The Support Forum has been moved up to the Main Category, as well as the Store. The Suggestions Forum has been attached onto the Support Forum.

2. New Forums & Features.

Today, I will be adding a few things. The Updates & Features Forum which you're in now, the Autobiographies Forum which is attached to the Introductions Forum, and last but not least, the Guys Only Forum and the Girls Only Forum. These two are attached to the Regular Talk Category. I will also add the Journals feature soon as well.

3. Topic Icon Feature

Now, when you create a topic, you can post it with a Topic Icon, that expresses what you're feeling with the post.

4. Profile Layout

The profile looks the same, but I have added a few fields such as the About Me, and the Favorites fields. You can put some things in there by clicking the Profile button in the menu.

5. Ranks

I've been debating for a while with the ranks, but I had someone make some for me and those are the rank pictures we'll stick with for a while at least.

Those are all the Updates I have for you, please follow the rules & have fun!



"Don't doubt yourself until you know that you need to be doubted. Which is never." -Superman, TeenBoards Admin.

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