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Happy Teen Boards Gift Shop

Post by Superman on Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:09 am

I have decided to add on a Gift Shop. This is specifically if you want to get a gift for someone else, not for yourself. Once you purchase it, it will be delivered to them by PM.

Items Available:

Yellow Mystery Box- This has 100 Coins Inside. You Must Pay 115 Coins To Buy It.

Blue Mystery Box- This has 150 Coins Inside. You Must Pay 125 Coins To Buy It.

Pink Mystery Box- This has 200 Coins Inside. You Must Pay 150 Coins To Buy It.

Pink Rose- This Rose Can Be Used As An Avatar, Or Signature. Or Anything Else That They Want. You Must Pay 200 Coins To Buy It.

Orange Star Box- This Box Can Have Anything You Want Inside. You Must Pay 250 Coins To Buy It.

Teen Boards Shop Gift Card- This Can Have However Many Coins You Want On It. You Must Pay 300 Coins To Buy It.

Teen Boards VIP Pass Gift Box- You Can Give Someone A VIP Pass. You Must Pay 350 Coins To But It.

Use The Form Below To Place Your Order:



"Don't doubt yourself until you know that you need to be doubted. Which is never." -Superman, TeenBoards Admin.

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