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I also need advice.......

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Sad I also need advice.......

Post by :( on Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:19 pm

okay so hi, this is annon so yeah, not saying who i am. just that i really need advice, ive been realy depressed lately and i was researching stuff on teen suicide, turns out one of the signs is reading up alot on teen suicide :/ and a bunch of other signs ive been showing but noone notices or cares. i feel so alone sometimes, well most of the time. sometimes ill starve myself for days at a time, eating only dinner because my family always has it together, yet sometimes ill flake out on that too, saying i dont feel well or sumthin. i scratch alot, i wish i would have the guts to cut but i dont, it leaves scars, scars that i dont want people to see. yes i have my reasons but i dont open up to people, most people i meet find me very happy, but thats all just an act. im not happy, and i dont know if i ever will be.


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Sad Re: I also need advice.......

Post by Rinoa on Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:19 am


I am not gonna ask for any reason at all as to why you have been thinking about suicide. I know you have your reasons. Let me share you a movie I have just watched recently.

It is entitled "3 Idiots", an Indian film starred Aamir Khan. I suggest if you can find a link to the movie go watch it.

I thought at first it is a comedy film hence the title. But let me tell you what it is about. It is about an extra ordinary person, attitude-wise, who was about to enter college. (No I am not telling you that you need to be extra ordinary just please finish this). So, Aamir entered college, you know what he has in mind? He loves learning. He did not enter college to have a degree or to win the race against life, he just wanted knowledge as he really loves to learn.

Aamir met his 2 buddies. At the first part of the movie, Aamir has encountered a student who was pressured by their Dean/Principal on his graduation day. Their Dean did not give any extension for the student to finish his project on time, that made the student decided to end his life leaving "I quit" on his room's wall.

Another scene was when one of Aamir's buddies decided to have his way out too. He was also pressured by the Principal, different story, but yeah, same pressure and decided to end his life. But Aamir and their other friend did not give up on this one. They rushed him to the hospital. Turned out that he's in comma, he jumped from the third floor of their building.

You know what Aamir did? He continued to visit his buddy everyday in the hospital. He did everything for his friend to recover. They never showed any sign of weakness in front of their friend who has succumbed to comma because their friend only needs strength and happiness at that point. I assume you know how hard it is to pretend. I assume you have already done that yourself. Imagine what might happen to your friends if you turned out hospitalized due to failure to end your life just like this scene.

Come search for a family photo. Everyone has beautiful smiles on their faces in it I believe. Imagine.. Just imagine thoroughly how this beautiful smiles could turn to tears, devastated faces when you had your way out of life.

You are very still young I suppose. I ask you, do not end your life at this point. You still have so many things to experience, so many things to see, hear and feel. All this will be gone if you do not stop thinking about suicide. Who knows? Maybe you had an important mission in this world that is why you are born. Well, everybody has an important mission in this world. Whatever it is, you will not find out if you do not live your life long enough to know.

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Sad Re: I also need advice.......

Post by Superman on Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:05 pm

1. What actually happened to make you feel this way?

2. Don't cut yourself, or scratch. You are who you are, and everyone should accept you for who you are. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone.

3. Not to force any religion, but God put everyone on this Earth and gave everybody something special. Everyone has their own time to shine, and your time is now.

4. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for whatever reason. I've been bullied since I was about 8 or 9 years old, and people still talk about me. Stick up for yourself, or tell someone, like a counselor or teacher. No one should be bullied. Telling is not being a snitch, is a way to end things that the bullies started.

5. I hope that you feel better about yourself whoever you are, and if you don't have an account already, you should make one. Everyone here is nice (so far), and it's against the rules to be disrespectful and discriminate against others.


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Sad Re: I also need advice.......

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