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Post by Superman on Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:35 am

Teen Boards Official Rules

1.No Spamming.
2.No Impersonation.
3.No Cyberbullying.
4.No Disrespect.
5.No Drama.
6.Keep Cussing To A Minimum.
7.Unless Told To Do So, DO NOT Ask To Be Staff.
8.No Multiple Accounts.
9.No Advertising.
10.No Gaining Members For Your Forum(s).
11.No Inappropriate Content.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. After three warnings, you will be banned for one day. If failure to follow rules continues, you will be banned for however long the staff deems worthy time.

If you are banned, you wait out your ban, do not create another account, etc. This is also against the rules, in a form of multiple accounts.

When you report a post, please give a valid reason, like a user not obeying the rules above.

2.Posting On The Forum
Please make sure you post around to make yourself known and have fun on the forum. This also helps you rack up coins to buy things in the store.

3.The Store
The store is located near the bottom of the main page, and you can buy things there like avatars, signature bars, passes for different forums, and more. You use the coins that you earn by posting, or doing good things like helping the staff, or winning contests.

4.The Teen Advice Forum
When using this forum, do not discriminate against anyone else, this is against the rules of the forum as a whole. This can result in a ban of 1 to 5 days.

5.Username Changes
At one time or another, the administration may ask if anyone wants to change their usernames for free, this isn't often, so if you want to change it at any other time, you must pay for it in the store.
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