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Post by Superman on Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:58 pm

I have added the Gender Forums. To get access, you must be a good member on the forum, and have little to no warnings. You also need to have your real gender on your profile so the staff can add you onto the correct list of people that get access to each forum. Lying will result in a 1 to 5 day ban.

I added Gender Forums so that each gender can have their own private space to talk to people like them of their gender. This way, they aren't limited to what they can and can't say, and these forums are pretty unlimited on what you can say, but keep the rules in mind as well. You may talk about anything that has to do with your gender. This includes puberty, love, etc. But try not to make it a big dramatic argument please.

*Note: If you think you should have gotten access please wait until 2-3 days after registration to notify a staff member. Sometimes we can't get to this right away.

Thanks for your understanding,


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